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Take Advantage Of Our Flexibility

Take advantage of our flexibility

CatalogPlayer structure allows a completely versatility and adaptability to your company needs, no matter what is your size or sector.

CatalogPlayer can be used in any business sector, if it’s of products or services. Moreover, we have different plans for all company sizes; you can use CatalogPlayer either you are freelance, SME or a big company.

  • Different operating systems: CatalogPlayer 2.0 app is available for iPad (iOs 9.0 or higher) and Android tablets (5.0 or higher).
  • Graphic customization: adapting styles of company corporate image interface available in all plans.
  • Presentation configuration: it allows organizing families and subfamilies through products/services groups by typologies, areas, brands, seasons, offers, etc.
  • Modules and permissions: Solution allows activating only those modules that applicable in company scenario and parameterizing permission criteria on groups and users.
  • Navigation and sections: navigation system adaption and creation of special sections which allow entering visually company corporate information.
  • Customized integrations: with different systems of your company, ERP, CRM, e-commerce, business intelligence.
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