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Better Communication

Better communication

Marketer presence with a Tablet and catalog with multimedia elements reinforce the message and it improves the image as a modern company.

CatalogPlayer is a mobility tool which facilities to marketer in product/services presentation for client, because they can surf in a fast way for all catalogs through:

  • Family of products
  • Searching, orders and filters
  • Location of articles by barcode reader
  • Possibility of catalogue personalized to the client through creating sub-catalogs and cross-sectional groupings of articles.
  • Commercial capsules: share extended documentation of products that have been of interest to the client.
  • Recurring orders: possibility of duplicating orders for recurring sales management
  • Offers generator can be converted into orders.

It also allows the marketer to show products and take orders in real time from a single device.

CatalogPlayer has a very attractive design and allows a high app personalization to corporate image of your company.

With this commercial tablet app you will be able to offer a visit or a shopping experience that it can remains in customer’s memory.

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