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Version #2.6.30


  • New version of the Interactive Books module: now the pages of each book can have interactive points in the image with direct actions (see product, see video, add to cart etc).
  • New wizard to add compound articles very useful for the selection or additions of an optional article. For example: Premium finishes of a vehicle, prints of a shirt of a specific size, etc.
  • Show the delivery date of a product in the list (in the case of having the delivery dates module).
  • New “advanced search” side navigation menu to locate products or content quickly.
  • New catalog filters to view products based on a customer’s sales history.
  • In the popup view of the article now also appears the consumption of that product of the selected customer.
  • New favorites module, which makes it easy to manage and create favorites.
  • Improved speed in product listings and when adding items to the cart.
  • Possibility of sharing a family through a capsule.


  • Historical, possibility of ordering and searching in historical of families and products.
  • Historical, to be able to visualize the historical ones by direction of clients.
  • Collection management: display of collections at the dashboard level.
  • New buttons for new order in customer address or from customer file.
  • New functionalities in the search for clients, addresses and contact. (exact search, begins, ends with)
  • New customer search filters: no order from or due to customer segmentation.
  • New client Map view “near me” with option to modify the Radius and / or the origin point of the radius.
  • New order blocking Depending on the customer’s status.
  • Alerts when entering the client file in the event of any type of incident.
  • Performance improvements in the customer list.


  • New option to assign the series of an order, to be able to export it at ERP level.
  • New advanced promotions module. New types of promotions and a promoter status viewer are added.
  • Multiline allocation of promotions.
  • New multi-warehouse order controls, product date batch viewer.
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