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Digital Transformation Of Sales Force

Digital transformation of sales force

Nowadays, digital transformation is not an option; it’s not a trend that over time goes out of fashion, but it’s a fundamental component in any company strategy that wants a long life in this new digital age

Digital transformation is the reinvention of an organization through using a digital technology to improve the way in which the organization performs to adapt to habits and customs changes of costumers. It’s for B2C models, but also for other companies, like B2B models.

Simple technology implementation itself doesn’t produce digital transformation, but the fact of changing business dynamics to take advantage of potential of these technologies; it’s what produces the transformation. The companies that have been submerged in digital transformation, they have registered important increases in their sales.

Despite great technological development, there are many companies which resist taking the final step in digital transformation. Sometimes it’s for lack of knowledge or fear of changing the procedures established for years in your business system. In the company, one of the areas that is often more reluctant to changes is the commercial area or sales force.

Digitalization of sales force is based on providing the commercial team with mobility tools to help them to sell and communicate better their product/service to attract new customers and retain the ones they have already.

Mobility tool like CatalogPlayer, it’s a tablet app which makes easier the commercial world. It has the best of interactive catalog and at the same time the most useful features to B2B sale.

What advantages does digital transformation provide to sales force?

  • Make easier the commercial presentation of product/services to client.
  • Offer a shopping experience that remains in customer’s memory.
  • Allow marketers to show the products and take the order from a single device.
  • Have products and stocks always updated.
  • Customization of different rates depending on the client.
  • Automatic application of discounts or regular promotions.
  • Make orders remotely.
  • Improve management of commercial team.
  • Analyse sales results.
  • Plan and inform tasks and visits.
  • Create a competitive advantage over the competence.

The clue for the company is the possibility to see the digital transformation as an opportunity to increase sales, improving quality and efficiency of commercial visits.

For digitalization of the sales force, we should take into account that also marketers need to evolve and learn how to handle new digital tools important for present and future sales.

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