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New Versions Apps CatalogPlayer

New versions Apps CatalogPlayer

This month we launch new versions of the CatalogPlayer applications that include many new features and that will be available in the Market and Appstore.

These innovations are focused on improving the experience and being able to accelerate the digital transformation of your company by unifying the entire sales process remotely with the new version of the extranet or with the new functionalities of our applications.

Below we detail the most outstanding features:

NEW APPS iOS 2.6.34 AND ANDROID 2.6.30

The new versions of applications present important novelties in the catalog, customers and orders modules.

The new version for iOS 2.6.34 is a significant improvement in relation to the capacity of the local database. This update will require reinstalling the catalog data so it is important to download the new version through the WIFI Network.

Below are some of the improvements included in this version, if any of them is not yet available for your operating system, it will be in the next versions:


We present the new version of the backend. The update will be carried out progressively in all the premium accounts and the functionalities can be used depending on the contracted plan.

Control Panel


  • Books have improved usability in relation to the edition and creation of interactive books, for example now you can assign in a massive way the content you want to show on the pages of the books.
  • Books this version already includes support for the creation of books by marking points on each page that we can link to different parts of your catalog (videos, product sheets, documents, external links, etc.). This editor is only available for resellers / integrators and will be released to all users in future versions.
  • File manager improvements. The file manager now allows you to make massive changes or deallocate the files of a product without having to enter each one.
  • Virtual collections and advanced entity management: Corporate plan accounts, which use the advanced content and entity manager, can now link information directly to a product family and / or can generate special sections in the link type product sheet, attributes, among others.
  • New navigation parameters between collections. (only available for distributors / integrators)
  • Navigable shared information capsules: Now you can browse all the elements that have been shared through the mail without having to manually open each link. Also, if you have contracted the PDF generation module, all this shared information can generate a downloadable PDF with all the shared product information.


  • Possibility to export the notes generated by users.
  • New search filters for portfolios and clients.

Analytics Panel

We present the new analytics dashboard that includes many new features and improves the browsing experience.
This panel available in the Enterprise and Corporate plans now allows you to view in detail and segmented all the information displayed / shared or sold throughout the entire pre-sale, sale and post-sale process.
The information is divided into blocks related to each other: Products / entities, Books, Users, Extranet users, Visits, Sales, Shared information and other additional elements.


We also present a major new update to the sales and content extranet.

  • Now we can customize input Dashboards (configurable option for distributors / integrators).
  • New interfaces and advanced customizations (configurable option for distributors / integrators).
  • New advanced search engine to locate entities, products, as well as to search for documents linked to the catalog / products.
  • Filters search by tags and indexing of PDF contents.
  • The sections of the customer account and user profile have been adjusted showing more information in relation to the customer history.

API WebService

  • Various new CatalogPlayer API methods have been added to make it easier for integrators to connect to other platforms (CRM / ERP). More information at
  • New connectors have been added to link CatalogPlayer with prestashop or other platforms.

Thank you very much for everything and do not hesitate to send us your feedback on the new features or to ask us your questions or needs to continue improving our platform constantly.


The CatalogPlayer Development and Support Team.

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